Collection, use and disclosure of personal information

From time to time we receive and retain personal information from and about individuals including our employees, our business contacts, our investors, and our dealer representatives for the purpose of:

  • meeting legal and statutory requirements
  • managing and developing our business and operations
  • developing new and enhancing existing services and product offerings
  • building relationships

With respect to our employees, additional purposes are:

  • managing employee compensation, benefit, and investment programs
  • maintaining performance evaluations and work related issues
  • assisting us in meeting special needs and/or disabilities


We do not disclose any non-public personal information to any third party except as required by law or as outlined in this Policy. Personal information may be disclosed to our service providers solely for the purpose of performing contracted functions. In such cases, we ensure that our service providers agree not to use or disclose such information except as directed by us and then solely for the purposes defined in our Policy. Sentry Select Capital Corp. and NCE Resources Group may also share personal information with our associated companies, solely for the purpose of product development and marketing.

Security measures for the protection of personal information

We maintain security policies, procedures and controls to protect the personal information we receive against loss or theft. We have safeguards in place to prevent unauthorized access, disclosure, copying, use and modification for both hard copy information and electronically stored information.

Such safeguards and controls include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Data security access control
  • Physical site access control
  • Network security
  • Virus protection & intrusion detection
  • Regular backup
  • Remote use access control
  • Logical access control

We test and update, as appropriate, our safeguards and controls on a routine basis. All of our employees, agents and authorized service providers are required to protect the confidentiality of personal information. Access to personal information is restricted to those employees, agents and authorized service providers who require it to do their job.

Record retention and destruction policy

  • Employee information will be destroyed as permitted in the appropriate statutes or regulations.
  • There is no mandatory time by which records of our dealer representatives and other business contacts are destroyed, because of the ongoing nature of these relationships.
  • Investor information will be retained for tax and regulatory purposes and will be destroyed as permitted in the appropriate Statutes or Regulations.
  • There is no mandatory time by which records of personal information of registrants are destroyed.
  • Personal information of investors in companies no longer managed by us will be retained only so long as is required by law.

Access to and accuracy of personal information

Except in limited circumstances where legal reasons prevent us from so doing, access to personal information that we hold may be requested. The accuracy and completeness of this information may be challenged. We will respond to all such requests or challenges within 30 days.

Resolving complaints

Privacy-related complaints may be registered by contacting our Privacy Officer:

by e-mail at:;
by phone at: 1-888-246-6656;
or by regular mail addressed as follows:

Partners Real Estate Investment Trust
The Exchange Tower
130 King Street West Suite 2850,
P.O. Box 104
Toronto, Ontario
M5X 1A4
Attention: Privacy Officer

When contacted, we will explain our complaint procedure and investigate all complaints. If a complaint is justified, we will take all appropriate steps to set the situation right.

Changes to this privacy policy

We will occasionally update this Privacy Policy to reflect company and your feedback or changes to privacy legislation. It is important to periodically review this Privacy Policy by visiting our website.